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How videos can boost your content marketing

Content marketing is something that all businesses can benefit from. As a start up business, you should certainly be including it in your marketing plans.

Content marketing means putting out useful, informative, interesting content through your blog, social media, or perhaps via a newsletter. The content doesn't directly sell anything to anyone. Instead, the content should be about a specific subject within your area of expertise. Although your call to action might be useful, the overall feel should be of an expert imparting useful information, not of someone trying to persuade a potential customer to part with their money. 

Although it might not be the first thing that comes to mind when creating your content marketing strategy, creating videos can boost your business in a big way. Video can make a real difference to your business in a way that simple blog posts and Facebook updates cannot. 

Make an emotional connection 

A video is always going to connect emotionally with the viewer in a way that no blog post ever could - regardless of the level of personality you inject into your copy. Why is this important? The answer is simple, even in B2B sectors, drawing an emotional response will always convert more sales than it loses. 

There are, of course, plenty of other factors that come into play when it comes to making a purchasing decision. But, if you can draw an emotional response from a potential customer using video, then the battle is already won. You will have spoken directly to your audience, made them feel special and, more importantly, understood. And that is a much bigger draw than anything else you can do. 

However, the video itself will need to be well thought through. Simply standing in front of a camera reeling off the product features and benefits is not going to create an emotional connection. Your video will quickly be forgotten. There needs to be emotion involved. You'll need to consider what emotions you want to evoke before you create the video. Do your customers need to be excited? Sad? Nostalgic? Happy? Which emotion will help them tune in to your business the most? 

Keep the value

Your content needs to be unique if it is going to make an impact in search results, and in the hearts and minds of those who are engaging with it. If they've read or seen the same thing somewhere else they simply won't be interested.

The problem is that text and images are easily copied. Someone could visit your site, take the information, add it to their site, and boost their content. Even accidentally creating content that is similar to - or the same as - existing content is a no-no. It will cause your SEO results to plummet and will make your site look bad. No matter how much training your staff has had, or which cyber security courses they have benefitted from, this kind of theft is impossible to stop. 

This can't happen with video content. When you make a video, it is unique, especially if you're actually in it and your branding appears all over it. This means your videos are much more likely to retain their value than any blog post. The key to good marketing is to make it valuable to those you are engaging with. A video will fulfil that criterion for many years to come.  

Good for your SEO

It's clear video will help you gain more customers but how does it help boost your SEO? Will it help you get ahead the competition in search results which is, after all, the ultimate aim of any kind of marketing? 

Videos perform very well for SEO purposes and will provide your business with a big boost in terms of your Google rankings. One reason is that you will be adding not just to the quantity of information you put out, but the quality too. You'll be adding a hugely beneficial visual element to your website. And, since videos are more easily understood and absorbed than the written word, you'll find that more people come to your site. Bots will recognise this and will determine that your site has plenty of value. 

Something else that bots will recognise is the fact that people will be spending more time on your site if they're watching your videos. Rather than the one or two minutes they might spend reading a blog post, you can stretch that time out. They might stay for five, 10 or 15 minutes - however long your video is. The longer people stay on your site, the more value it has according to Google, and the higher your site will rank. 

Keeps your customers engaged 

Customers can be fickle. Just because they like your products and services today, that doesn't mean they'll them tomorrow. It's entirely possible for the competition to steal your most loyal customers if they put up a good fight and have excellent marketing on their side.

Videos, however, can be the answer. The more you can engage with your audience, the more loyal they will be, spending their money on your site rather than someone else's. If you can produce great videos that offer useful information and which are entertaining to watch, yours is the site people will return to time and again. They may even come back specifically to see your video content. Although this won't result in a sale every time, it will increase brand loyalty and will put you well ahead of your competition. 

Better for social media 

Social media should be an integral part of any business owner's marketing plan. Most businesses have at least one social media account; customers expect it. If they can't find you on social media, it can have a negative effect on how they feel about you. It can make them feel you're trying to hide something or maybe that you're not legitimate. 

Of course, simply having a social media account isn't enough. You also need to fill your pages, profiles and streams with relevant, useful and informative information. If you do this, visitors will start to follow your profile and share your content with a much wider audience. Although you can pay for this to be done, and that can be a good use of your marketing budget, if you can do it for free, that's even better. If your videos are entertaining, high quality, and if your customers are sharing them for you, they are doing exactly the job you need them to do. 


It's very rare to find something that you can include in your marketing campaign that will improve SEO, engage your visitors, work exceptionally well on social media, help you explain your brand, and give people an emotional reason to buy from you, but a video – or, even better, many videos – will do just that. This is the future of marketing, and it's time you made it part of the future of your business too.

Copyright 2021. This article was made possible by Jeremy Bowler.

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