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Three tips for staying well organised

Whether you're focused on doing absolutely everything you can to give your new start the best possible chance of taking off and thriving, or whether you're simply looking to be a high achiever across the various dimensions of your personal life, it's difficult to understate the importance of being well organised.

A well organised person is better able to seize opportunities that come their way, to compartmentalise and juggle multiple different goals at once, and to ensure that their time is spent as  effectively as possible.

Here are just a few tips that can help you become better organised.

1. Differentiate between what's important and what's urgent

One of the top points that is frequently emphasised by leading entrepreneurial and productivity experts, is the importance of being able to differentiate between what's "important" and what's "urgent".

A truly "important" task might be something like contacting a lawyer about indefinite leave to remain, or working on a creative passion project of yours which you hope will form a major part of the legacy you leave behind.

Things that are "urgent" without necessarily being "important" could include things like meeting a low-level deadline in your day job, responding to emails, taking the bins out in time for collection, and so on. It's not that these things don't need to get done, or that you should neglect them, by any means. But it's likely they won't mean much - if anything - five years from now.

A big part of staying well organised is differentiating between what's important and what's urgent and doing what you can to focus on what's important, first.

2.Use a task management system that's simple and easy to stick with

It's almost impossible to stay well organised without an effective task management tool and system at your disposal. In this case a "tool" would tend to be a specific software program like Things 3, and a "system" would be a method for organising - such as David Allen's famous "Getting Things Done" method.

It's important, however, to avoid tools and systems that bring excess complexity to the table, or that you find frustrating to work with.

Look for tools and systems that are easy to understand and stick with. Using them should become second nature anytime something pops up.

3. Treat morning hours like they're made of gold

One of the common features you'll find among people who are well organised, is that they often treat early morning hours as if they are priceless.

There are various reasons why productivity and organisation tend to correlate with effective use of the early morning hours, rather than the late night hours. For one thing, in the morning you are "gearing up" for the day, and other people are unlikely to be around to distract you in the same way.

At night, however, you will naturally tend to shift into a mindset where you desire relaxation, and where family and friends are more present.

Simply getting a jump on the day could change everything.

Copyright 2020. Article was made possible by site supporter Jeremy Bowler

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