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How document management software can benefit your business

A document management system will help you track and store important documents in electronic form. An increasing number of businesses are shifting to document management software for enhanced productivity and to streamline business activities. When we compare paper documents with electronic documents, we can see a huge difference. Paper documents will require you to have reams of paper in along with an additional workforce to order, manage, arrange, and secure the documents. Furthermore, purchasing paper can be expensive.

On average, one office worker in the United States uses around 10,000 sheets of paper every year. On that basis, US office workers are using four million tons of paper each year (Source). Imagine the impact if all offices in the world become paper-free and their documents all became electronic. This change would drastically improve our ecosystem.

Furthermore, you can streamline your business processes, reduce paper overheads, and upgrade your business activities in line with the latest technologies. This makes document management tools perfect for the future and an attractive proposition. Here are some of the benefits of installing document management tools:

1. Document security

A document management tool secures all your business documentation. Your documents are backed up automatically. This means you won't lose important documents due to a data breach, virus, or system failure. Furthermore, you can activate passwords to keep your documents secure and restrict access to authorised personnel.

2. Accessibility of documents

A cloud-based document management tool enables you to access your documents from anywhere and anytime. This will save you a lot of time. Furthermore, you can easily share important or urgent documents with your clients or vendors. Employees working from different locations can also log in to your document management account and access documents instantly.

3. Easy to manage

A document management tool allows you to sift through your documents easily. You can log in via your mobile, laptop, or tablet. After logging in, you can access all your documents through any browser. Compare this to paper documentation. You cannot access physical, paper documents unless you are on-site making it much more time consuming and difficult.

4. Easy to find documents

When using a document management tool, you can easily find your documents using different filters like the date or name in alphabetical order. However, finding paper documents can be challenging, especially if your company hasn't adopted a proper filing system. For instance, when you're closing a deal you can simply open the tool and search for the document with the vendor, date, or file name if you need to find the quotation or the product quantity you need to deliver.

5. Cost reduction

When you shift from paper documentation to digital, you will save a lot of money. You no longer have to buy reams of paper, maintain a storage area or hire additional staff to manage your paper records. Instead, you just need to scan the document and save it in your document management tool.

6. User friendly

Document management tools are not just budget friendly but are user friendly too. Software companies such as Smallpdf provide easy-to-use document management tools. With these tools, your employees can easily and effectively use the software. You do not have to worry about training sessions and guiding your employees.


The world's trees and forests help protect the planet against global warming. Paper production is a serious contributor to deforestation, which can prove detrimental to the world climate. Furthermore, paper manufacturing companies emit greenhouse gases, threatening our environment even further.

We can be a part of making our environment better for future generations by eliminating paper and making our offices paper-free. A document management tool plays a vital role in digitalising our documents. You can find top document management tools and increase the business' productivity and growth by streamlining your business activities.

Copyright 2021. Featured post made possible by Brandi Marcene for Smallpdf.

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